4 Biggest challenges when moving your business to cloud

Cloud computing is the buzzword across sectors and borders persuading decision makers to migrate to cloud. Though there are thousands of cloud service providers in Dubai, it can be hard for a company to move over to cloud computing. As cloud is a relatively new technology, it brings several critical challenges, along. Here are four of the biggest challenges faced by businesses during cloud migration.

1. Data Security & Privacy Concerns

CDW’s State of the Cloud Report reveals that 46% of businesses feel data & application security is a major challenge during cloud migration. Modern day businesses rely heavily on confidential data for decision making and other purposes.

With cloud, businesses must shift their data to cloud facilities outside the purview of their firewall measures. Most businesses believe that a cyber-attack on a single website on the cloud infrastructure will affect all the users of cloud.

The prospect of parting with their trade secrets and critical data gives jitters to business owners concerned about privacy. However, there are number of ways to mitigate such risks such as using security apps, encrypted file systems, data loss software, etc. An experienced cloud service provider in UAE can help you deal with all privacy and security concerns.

 2. Incompatibility with Legacy Hardware & Systems 

A lot of businesses are afraid on the prospects of migrating to cloud because they feel there is a disconnect between existing software, systems and on-premises hardware. Most feel that due to the incompatibility, the business growth will suffer.

Many cloud service providers in Dubai provide cloud migration solutions with special focus on compatibility aspects. They can build hybrid solutions customized to an organization’s need, eliminating the problems related to incompatibility.

3. Lack of an Experienced Team

Cloud migration and adoption suffer hugely due to the gap between the demand and supply of skilled resources. Technology isn’t the problem here. It’s about the capabilities of people. Owing to a lot of tools, processes and complex infrastructure, companies feel they will have to hire specialized IT teams to deal with cloud issues. However, this isn’t the real case here.

In the field of online cloud backup and cloud solutions, a lot of things can be automated. Moreover, the use of advanced DevOps tools along with focused training can help businesses deal with the problem of experienced resources.

4. Bandwidth Cost & Cost of Migration

Though cloud-based systems are more cost-efficient as there is minimal need for hardware, businesses feel that they will have to pay more for required bandwidth. Modern day enterprise applications are data-driven, requiring a vast spectrum of bandwidth which can be costly for a business.

Moreover, sometimes it becomes hard for businesses to evaluate the right cost of migration. Decision makers understand the per unit cost of services, but due to the on-demand nature, they fail to realize the actual cost over a period by accounting for scalability. This is a major factor keeping them away from cloud.

If you have been struggling with the above challenges related to cloud services in UAE, you can get in touch with an expert. Fujisoft is a pioneer in providing efficient, cost-effective and on-demand cloud solutions in Dubai with an experienced and certified team of cloud engineers and technicians. For seamless migration and cloud backup service in Dubai, get in touch now.