Disaster recovery solution in dubai

5 Things that must be covered in your Cloud DR Solutions

Living in a digitalized world has its own advantages as well as disadvantages. While the rapid digitalization has made our lives much easier, it has also increased the rate of cybercrimes greatly. Whether it is a flood, terrorist attack, fire, earthquake or cyber-attack, anything can happen to your business at any time. Hence, you need a proper cloud disaster recovery plan to help you protect your business when any such situation arises. Disaster recovery providers in UAE provide you with best cloud disaster recovery solutions UAE that ensure complete protection of your business data against any unfortunate incident and ensure your business continues to operate.

But do you have any idea about how precise your cloud recovery service Dubai is? Do you know when it was last updated? Or what latest technologies the disaster recovery providers in Dubai include in their solutions? Well, do not worry. We have brought a complete list of things that must be included in your cloud disaster recovery plan must include. Have a look:

1. Importance of DRaaS:

The increasing practice of transferring the data operations to the cloud has given rise to the concept of Data Recovery as a Service or DRaaS. With the rise of new security threats, the businesses today are opting for disaster recovery as well as business continuity plans to fortify their defences. A third-party service that involves keeping the backup of important business data, DRaaS has thus gained huge popularity. The DR plans take into consideration the Recovery Point Objective (RPO) along with Recovery Time Objective (RTO) in order reduce downtime and make the disaster recovery more efficient. These services provided by the cloud service providers UAE has made the process of disaster recovery much more affordable as well as easier. Plus, the cloud backup and recovery solutions Dubai are helping the businesses to prepare for any kind of disaster without much ado. Thus, it is always essential for you to know the processes and tests involved in validating the data and workflow during a disaster while considering the DRaaS.

2. A complete analysis of possible threats and solutions:

It is very important for organization to consider having risk assessment in place. The cloud solutions Dubai take into account the complete array of problems and threats that can interrupt your business processes to formulate the perfect disaster recovery plan to counter this problem. Though it is true that not all the threats will come to be, the disaster recovery solutions still anticipate every probable worst-case scenario to ensure maximum security for your data as well as workflow. Low cost, testing the effectiveness of DR plan on a regular basis and easy deployment of the plan during the period of crisis are few advantages of DRaaS that has helped it to gain popularity. Since the cloud services completely utilise the shared infrastructure, it saves the companies a lot of money. The disaster recovery providers in Dubai take into the account everything so that your business can prosper without having to face any hurdle.

Types of Disasters:

  • Failure of racks.
  • Failure of the virtual machine or any application.
  • The disaster of datacentre can be caused due to various reasons from triggering of sprinkler system to flood or fire to failure of power.
  • Disruption in communication.
  • In case of chassis failure, it can result in failure of single or multiple hosts.


3. Updating DR Plans along changing internal processes:

One of the big mistakes that several organisations make is not taking any initiative to update their disaster recovery plans as per the changes in their internal system. You must understand that your disaster recovery plan will never be fully effective unless it is completely synchronised with the applications, software and technologies that your system uses. Furthermore, there are chances that you have implemented new technologies and software since you made your DR plan.

But if you do not update the plan accordingly, then it will ultimately not be effective in recovering the system during the time of any disaster. Disaster recovery is completely on the tools and plans that are in use during the finalisation of the plan which can change with the time. Thus, updating the DR plan is very important with the changes in your system. The cloud recovery service Dubai ensures automatic update of your plan along with the changes in the system. Hence, it always keeps your DR plan up to date thereby reducing the chances of data loss completely.

4. Conducting a business impact analysis to understand the DR priorities:

To understand the disaster recovery priorities, it is essential to run every information system through a thorough business impact analysis or BIA. The BIA is essential for evaluating the effects of an artificial or natural event on your business operations. By completing the BIA, it becomes possible to understand the recovery priorities and develop the strategies in accordance with it. The cloud service providers UAE help you to conduct a business impact analysis to help you prepare a perfect contingency plan for all the trouble that your business faces.

5. DR testing:

Having a disaster recovery plan is not enough these days. You need to evaluate your plan and test it on a regular basis to make sure the proper deployment of the plan during the critical situations. Thus, it is always necessary to practice emergency drills to check the proper working of the plan otherwise it becomes completely ineffective. The cloud disaster recovery solutions UAE help you to perform regular tests to ensure that your DR plan is working perfectly.

Well, that’s everything that must be covered in your disaster recovery plan. With cloud data services Dubai, you will be able to reduce your recovery time to few hours compared to the long duration of time taken by the traditional recovery processes. Choose your services carefully and avail it from the best disaster recovery providers in UAE to ensure maximum protection for your business data.