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6 Things to Keep in Mind Before Outsourcing IT Support

As businesses grow, it becomes really hard to maintain all the aspects of a firm and maintaining the perfect relation with the clients and the customers. Most often companies decide to outsource certain aspects of their functioning to increase the productivity and ensuring the needs of the customers are met. This is quite evident here in the Middle East, especially in Dubai.

Most companies in Dubai are known to outsource their IT sector for various support and services. When outsourcing these service providers or vendors are becoming a core strategic partner.
Here we discuss some of the few aspects that corporations need to consider before finding the right outsourcing partner for IT services Dubai.

1Cost Effectiveness:

One of the driving factors that force companies to outsource certain aspects of their firm is the cost. But this should not be done at the expense of productivity.

The best outsourcing vendors should be able to handle the demands set forward by the company while delivering the services at a reasonable cost. This will, in fact, boost the company’s trust in vendors making it mutually beneficial.

The reason why such outsourced vendors are able to reap more benefit for the firm rather than the ones within the company is that of the experience, and goal-oriented work carried out by the IT services firms. Managing such services has been their collective objective and hence the result.

The best way to ensure if the vendor you hired is up to the mark is by evaluation by taking into account the driving factor of your company’s needs. This can be either the cost or functionality or at times the speed.

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2Proper Risk Management and Reduction:

The outsource service providers should be capable of crisis management and alleviation. There are numerous qualities these firms should possess in order to do that.

A well-equipped staff of personals always ready for disposal to the needs of the company ensures faster actions and hence less damage. This will also lead to a quicker resumption of operations during IT breakdowns. A team of analysts to analyze, assess and report on issues and risks helps in formulating plans for preventive maintenance.

Better security from physical and cyber threats always lurking on the web must be provided. The staff must also be vetted and given only access according to the job to avoid leakage of data. The outsourcing firms must always be available and should be free from disruptions caused by power failures and internet breakdowns which affects the hiring company.

3.   Number of Outsourcing Partners:

Some companies opt for different partners to look into various aspects or fields in the IT service sector to play it safely.

But if you find an outsource partner that can handle all the requirements of the company, it is better to have one strategic partner to attain stability. More partners may lead to lack of communication and handling issues. Attaining the goals of the company can be easily achieved by assigning one partner.

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4. Customer Satisfaction:

This is one of the key element used to measure the efficiency of an IT service provider in Dubai. With a steady performance from these providers, the satisfaction received by the company’s customers can be accessed to evaluate the performance of the vendor.

There are various methods and approved rating parameters that scale the customer satisfaction. An outsource partner must work towards upholding his end of the bargain by giving what the customer needs. This can be increased by allotting more resources and personal at disposal to cater customer needs.

If a hired firm can work with fewer resources to provide one of the best results, this can help the company in boosting their productivity and efficiency.

5Handling Complete Customer Support Lifecycle:

AMC short for Annual Maintenance Contract helps the companies to assign most of the tasks related to a particular sector, say IT to a vendor, who will maintain the said assets and department efficiently throughout the year. This often removes the hassle and tension suffered by the companies while hiring new outsourcers for each new task.

The IT support can be for the sales, support, billing, queries, and growth assessment of a company. It is not imperative to handle or give all of the sectors works to one particular vendor. The company can always opt for multiple outsourcing. But at the same time, the company must hire only those who can afford to handle the complete lifecycle or AMC so that no unexpected risk can affect the productivity.

The company must always have an idea about the limitations and strengths of an outsourced partner to allocate accordingly various services as well as to supplement the weak areas.

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6. Management and Relationship:

Communication is another one of the solutions to maintaining a very good relationship between the company and IT service provider in Dubai. This helps in faster resolution of problems and smooth functioning. The responsiveness and attitude towards the company reflect upon the service they are providing in your name to the customers.

Meticulous planning of strategies and getting it approved by the company, giving frequent updates about company performance, bringing industry expertise along with customer feedbacks and suggestions effectively, etc. are some of the duties of the service providers. Weekly or timely reporting about the new trends and performance also helps in cementing the relation.

These factors are very much looked into and followed close by heart by the staff and faculty here at Fujisoft making us one of the most preferred IT Support AMC Dubai.