Connecting Workforce


9trax Enterprise Mobile App available on Google Playstore is the easiest and the most economical solution for tracking and monitoring field workers. In oil, mining and in Railways, patrolling is done regularly and several employees are involved in this work of patrolling.


As the number of employees involved in this work is quite high and most of the time they are in the field, tracking them is necessary, otherwise it is difficult to find out whether they are actually doing their work or sitting at home.

Similarly, in case of sales people, it is important for you to know whether the sales team has reached all the places they were supposed to, where they are on the field currently and whether they are regularly visiting their predefined places or not.

Bringing a paradigm shift in the fleet tracking industry, Skycube introduces the App that captures the sensor data to report each minute detail on quality of the moving assets and focuses more on the goods than the truck.9trax Enterprise Mobile App available on Google Playstore is the fail-proof way to connect your workforce in the field. Through this App you can even restrict switching off the tracking device which if provided to the field workforce.

Intelligent reports with analytical tools are in-built into the system. On a map-based analytics, it is easy to figure out if the workforce has been on duty and is performing as per the schedules.



You can account for every Paisa spent on the field force, with this connected workforce solution from Skycube.

  1. Provide real-time GPS location of the field personnel on a map
  2. Tracking the field personnel whether they are actually on the field or not
  3. Getting to know whether the field personnel have actually travelled to the destination or not
  4. Provides additional safety to field workers
  5. If that field worker is safe and hasn’t had an accident – Alert for sudden fall down
  6. Give you real-time intelligence on whether there has been any issue or alerts from anyone
  7. Emergency alarms for no movement for a long time
  8. Direct one-to-one call access to that field personal from your dashboard in case of any emergency
  9. You need not pay for a phone for that person anymore
  10. Alerts for any emergencies
  11. Call snoop in silently to listen to how the field worker is performing


With this solution now a complete view of your field workers will be on your fingertips at a real-time. You will be able to monitor the field workers effectively on a single Mobile App.