Boost your Corporate Cyber security with These Ransomware & Malware Fighting Tips

The world is connected more deeply than ever before. The internet has connected offices, people and organizations around the world using a single network. While this has made communications quicker and collaboration easier, it poses a great threat to organizational security.

Cyber attacks can tumble routine operations of an enterprise. The number of cyber attacks involving malware have been increasing at an exponential pace. You might wonder what it means for the present and future of your business. Malware attacks not only hamper your operations but also pose a severe threat to your business growth.

Phenomenal Impact of Malware & Ransomware Attacks

In fact, a data breach involving malware- ransomware, spyware, trojan, etc. can cost USD 3.6 million to a business. This staggering figure might shake you up a bit wanting to explore network security protection solutions in Dubai. But before you take a step, understand what is malware and how can you prevent a malware attack on your business?

Understanding Modern Malware Types

A malware is a type of software that is built for the purpose of attacking and infecting IT infrastructure. It is meant to attack computers and can be configured to infect complete servers. There are many types of malware, at present, all of which pose a great cybersecurity threat to a growing business. Companies providing cyber security solutions in Dubai outline the following as major malware:

  • Adware: These display malicious advertisements in the form of popups on a computer.
  • Ransomware: Meant to extort money out of users, these restrict access to data on a computer.
  • Rootkit: It provides remote access to a system with root-level privileges to a hacker.
  • Spyware: Spywares are meant to gather information from a system without their knowledge or consent.
  • Trojan: Trojans have a deeply hidden motive and evades common security mechanisms to perform unauthorized tasks.
  • Worms: Self-replicating and self-contained programs that spread across a large network.
  • Virus: Meant to infect a computer without permission, they delete or corrupt data and can format the whole system.

Fighting Potential Threats & Mitigating the Malware Risk

Each type of malware has a specific purpose. You might need an agile partner offering security consulting services in Dubai to fight the growing risk of malware in modern times. But there are also some ways you can train your employees to take imminent steps to mitigate the growing risk. Here, we outline some of the tips to strengthen your cyber security endeavors:

Stop Using Outdated Software Products

One of the biggest mistakes a company make is using outdated software with large security loopholes. Make sure to audit all your systems periodically and remove software that is rarely used. Legacy software can serve as a backdoor for malware to enter your systems and infect your precious data.

Adopt Best Email Security Best Practices

People are drafting more emails than ever. We know that emails are a crucial part of your operations. But do you know emails are one of the biggest reasons for the spread of malware? It is important that you educate your workforce about latest email security solutions and best practices.

Ask them not to fall in common malware traps like clicking a malicious and unknown link that comes to their mailbox. You can also enforce some security standards that restrict users to download files or attachments from a suspicious resource or an unknown sender.

Create a centralized tech support policy

Hackers and malware spreaders have been seen calling directly to the desk of an employee asking to give remote access. They pose as your company’s tech support desk and tell employees they need to address a security issue.

To make sure your staff doesn’t fall prey to this tactic, develop a centralized IT support policy. Create workshop involving your IT teams and other employees, where IT guys train your employees to identify farce from the real. Also, develop a secure procedure for remote access, if you have outsourced your IT needs.

Track Enterprise-wide Internet Activity

Educate employees on using company systems to access only authorized websites. But also create a monitoring system to see how internet is being used in your office. Employees might be using the system for their personal tasks and might accidentally download a malicious file on the company’s system.

Also, it is important that your employees understand basics of internet security. Ask them not to input information on websites that are not SSL-protected. For all this, you might also need an expert who can manage your network security system in Dubai.

Keep updating your virus protection on a regular basis

You can never risk not having an updated antivirus on any of your office computers. Make sure that your virus protection is always up-to-date. There are a number of antivirus providers offering virus protection in Dubai. You can contact them with your requirements and stay at peace about your company’s cyber security measures.

If you really want to improve your corporate cyber security game, you need an able expert providing end-to-end cyber security solutions in Dubai. At Fujisoft, we have gathered an expert team having deep experience in network security. We are one of the leading cyber security companies in Dubai providing solutions that have helped companies fight malware, effectively. If you want to wade off any imminent and future malware threats, contact our experts today.