Al Mojil Services

Fujisoft Builds SAN-Free Datacenter for Al Mojil Services on Nutanix Hyper-Converged Platform

Middleeast group chooses Fujisoft to deploy and maintain Nutanix Web-Scale Converged Infrastructure to Support Multiple, Mixed Workloads.

Company Background

Almojil Supply and Services (“MSS”) is a leading importer, wholesaler, agent, distributor and supplier of varied equipment, materials and tools in the Kingdom of Saudi, with office and Warehouses in strategic locations across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and a regional office in Dubai, established nearly 4 decades ago.

IT Challenges

Al Mojil was looking into implementing a complete Infrastructure solution to provide Datacentre management, user experience, easy provisioning of applications to users as well as to support a wide range of end points.

Finding Nutanix

Fujisoft recommended Nutanix to Al Mojil to attain an easy-to-manage, scale-out compute and storage infrastructure. Complete Infrastructure was proposed to run on VMware Workloads embedded on Nutanix Platform.


Nutanix virtual computing platform, a scale-out cluster of high-performance nodes, or servers, each running a standard hypervisor and containing processors, memory and local storage (consisting of PCIe SSD Flash and high capacity SATA disk drives). Each node runs virtual machines just like a standard virtual machine host. In addition, local storage from all nodes is virtualized into a unified pool by the Nutanix Distributed File System (NDFS). In effect, NDFS acts like an advanced NAS that uses local SSDs and disks from all nodes to store virtual machine data. Virtual machines running on the cluster write data to NDFS as if they were writing to shared storage. NDFS is VM aware and provides advanced data management features. It brings data closer to virtual machines by storing the data locally on the system, resulting in higher performance at a lower cost. Nutanix Complete Cluster can horizontally scale from as few as three nodes to a large number of nodes, enabling organizations to scale their infrastructure as their needs grow. NDFS delivers a unified pool of storage from all nodes across the cluster, leveraging techniques including striping, replication, auto-tiering, error detection, failover’ and automatic recovery. This pool can then be presented as shared storage resources to VMs for seamless support of features like vMotion, HA, and DRS, along with industry-leading data management features. Additional nodes can be added in a plug-and-play manner in this high-performance scale-out architecture to build a cluster that will easily grow as your needs do.