Hybrid Cloud Solutions

A hybrid cloud approach gives organizations the best of both of these models by providing the flexibility to put different workloads and data where it makes most sense — leveraging the right blend of IaaS Trusted Public S5, IaaS Private Hosted or private cloud, while addressing data security, governance, compliance and budgetary challenges.

What we offer

Hybrid Cloud is a holistic approach to the consumption of IT. It is about matching the right solution to the right job. Public cloud, private cloud and dedicated servers are combined and work together seamlessly as one platform. Hybrid Cloud minimises trade-offs and breaks down technical barriers to get maximum benefit and improved performance from each component, thereby allowing you to focus on driving your business forward. Hybrid cloud benefits are easily quantifiable.

According to our research, by connecting dedicated or on-premises resources to cloud components, businesses can see an average reduction in overall IT costs of around 17%. By leveraging the benefits of Hybrid Cloud your business can reduce overall total cost of ownership and improve cost efficiency, by more closely matching your cost pattern to your revenue/demand pattern – and in the process move your business from a capital-intensive cost model to an opex-based one.


Hybrid hosting solutions and hybrid cloud management service is particularly helpful when the scalability and flexibility

Freedom to scale-as-you-grow

As your needs evolve and your infrastructure changes, you can migrate to the cloud environment over time.

Have centralized management

Both your existing hardware and our cloud offerings remain centralized under one roof

Migrate Your IT Operations to Fuji Cloud

Our Experts Can Promise Smoother Transition

Power to choose

Virtual and physical infrastructures coexist seamlessly. Users aggregate all of their systems into a secure environment with the ability to leverage the cloud when appropriate.

Eliminate compliance concerns

Fujisoft operates reliable data centers that complement a variety of industry and government mandates including HIPAA, PCI DSS and SOX, supported by third-party SSAE 16/SOC attestation reports.