Private Cloud Solutions

We design and architect your private cloud solution for maximum performance and airtight security while giving you complete control over your application environment.We simplify your infrastructure with private cloud.

Trusted Platform

Built on enterprise hardware and vSphere, VMware’s server virtualization platform, to maximize device utilization and leverage features like resource scheduling, load balancing, live migration and disaster recovery.

Airtight Security

The data in your private cloud is protected and fully isolated at the hardware, hypervisor and network levels. Moreover, an automated security intrusion detection system provides continuous monitoring and alerts on all network resources, providing instant network threat ratings that dynamically configure firewall and access control devices to proactively block validated threats.

Compliance Ready

Our managed hosting systems and operational controls are in compliance with the Payment Card Industry and Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). Our team will work with you to determine the appropriate security controls required for your specific environment.

Complete Control

our private cloud service, you can respond to quickly business demands while maintaining a flexible, dedicated environment – designed, built and operated exclusively for you.

Migrate Your IT Operations to Fuji Cloud

Our Experts Can Promise Smoother Transition

Fujicloud Benefits

Choosing a private cloud is the greater level of security offered making it ideal for business users who need to store and/or process sensitive data. A good example is a company dealing with financial information such as bank or lender who are required by law to use secure internal storage to store consumer information. With a private cloud this can be achieved while still allowing the organization to benefit from cloud computing.

  • Improved security
  • Greater control over the server
  • Flexibility in the form of Cloud Bursting