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Defeating Ransomware Attacks with Efficient & Tight IT Security Solutions

In a world of growing cyber terrorism and attacks, ransomware has been one of the most dangerous additions in the past few years. Cybercriminals have been using this tactic to paralyze and victimize businesses for monetizing cyber-attacks. As a modern-era company heavily dependent on technology, you need to invest wisely in cloud backup solutions Dubai, cybersecurity services, and other spam protection measures to prevent and defend against ransomware attacks.

What is a ransomware?

Ransomware is a computer program developed to attack devices working on an organizational IT network and demand ransom in return for decrypting the files on the devices. According to studies, 60% of all the malware attacks in Q1 of 2017 were ransomware. Cybercriminals have successfully leveraged the Bitcoin platform and ransomware techniques to lure out money from businesses and even individuals.

Companies such as DLA Piper, Cadbury, TNT Express have suffered immense losses due to ransomware attacks in the past. According to industry reports, a company not only lose the ransom money demanded but also more than $20,000 per day as employees get locked away from using their computers and devices to access critical files.

Protecting your company from ransomware attacks

To save yourself the trouble of dealing with ransomware attacks, it is better to invest in IT security solutions, antivirus software and email security solutions in Dubai. As a hub for business activity, Dubai is a hot target for global cybercriminals.

The best way of saving yourself hundreds of dollars per month is to back up your data on a daily basis. With the help of an IT service provider in Dubai, you can set up a cloud backup system that will save you from losses due to ransomware attacks.

Basic Ransomware Attack Prevention Tips for Corporate Enterprises

  • Never open spam emails from unknown recipients
  • Do not download or open an email attachment from an unreliable source
  • Use an efficient anti-virus software for end-to-end anti-virus protection for your company
  • Partner with a reputed cybersecurity services company in Dubai to strengthen your IT security infrastructure
  • Perform a daily backup of critical business data and keep it on an external drive or cloud
  • Instead of paying the ransom in case of an attack, contact an IT security services companies Dubai

Advanced recommendations from Security Experts to Deal with Ransomware

  • Conduct security awareness campaigns

As a company, you should conduct periodic IT security awareness campaigns for your employees that emphasize the importance of maintaining a security hygiene. Develop SOPs for employees that prepare them to deal with security loopholes and dealing with suspicious links or emails.

Ransomware attackers rely heavily on phishing techniques to get access to data. Make sure that your employees know about such tactics and how to deal with them.

  • Establish a data backup routine

Data is valuable for every business enterprise. As ransomware attacks devices, making them inaccessible, it is important to secure your data on a daily basis. With the help of an IT security solutions Dubai, you can implement cloud backup solutions across your organization. Cloud backups will ensure that your data is safe even if a device is unusable. Make sure to backup data on a daily basis and check the security measures implemented by cloud solutions provider for efficient protection from ransomware.

  • Enforce GPO restrictions

GPO restrictions help you protect your IT infrastructure from different kinds of malware attacks. GPOs provide structured control over file execution and make it easier to disable running exe files directly from the attachments. This protects your organization from suspicious attacks via email clients or the internet.

Ransomware attackers have significantly evolved over time, trying to come up with new strategies to lure out money from companies and individuals. Maintaining security enforcement contracts with help of a company providing IT security services in Dubai, you can easily take care of this peril and safeguard your business from phenomenal losses by protecting your business data.