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Developing the Perfect Security Strategy for Endpoints

Hitting the jackpot! You surely would have heard and used this phrase in your life many times in life. Well, for hackers, this phrase has a completely different meaning. When they think of hitting the jackpot, they dream about finding a vulnerable endpoint in the IT infrastructure of an organization.

Endpoints are at every level in an organization. They can be anything- from a desktop to a laptop, a smartphone to a networked printer. They are everywhere in the connected world- far from the main hub, making them easier to attack and penetrate.

Endpoint: Why These are Soft Targets

At a time when organizations are striving to build a remote work culture powered by mobility solutions, cloud apps and IoT, these endpoints can turn out to be an easy catch or a jackpot for cyber criminals. Hackers all around the globe have a common strategy- find a soft target, don’t raise an alarm and scale up, as you go.

Endpoints fit these criteria perfectly. They are usually away from the security hubs making them harder for IT teams to monitor them, are operated by gullible users and are have minimal or no endpoint security solution configured, making them soft targets.

Why Endpoint Protection in Dubai is crucial?

The SANS Institute reveals that 44% businesses accept that one or more of their endpoints have been compromised at some time in the past couple of years. Out of these just 36 percent have been successful in detecting such breaches through alerts.

Most of the organizations are not serious about endpoint security solutions in Dubai. Their endpoints are protected via legacy controls- a very easy target. As containing the spread of attack is harder than preventing it, many even find it hard to locate entry points and isolating them, quickly. All this is raising alarms when more companies are connecting deeply via digital networks to run their routine operations.

Network security and endpoint protection in Dubai is an important area that needs to have more attention. With a greater number of malware and ransomware attacks, companies need to be more serious about endpoint security. Here, we are enlisting a few useful tips that would help you create a killer and full-proof endpoint security strategy for your organization:

  • Follow Strong Security Fundamentals & Best Practices

Before moving on to other aspects, we need to emphasis on following best security practices when it comes to IT security in Dubai. If you aren’t serious about basic principles like motivating employees to keep strong passwords and removing unnecessary administrators from your networks, no one can help you. When you think of endpoint protection, make sure to patch known vulnerabilities, creating strong security policies and training your staff on secure IT practices.

  • Identify your Endpoints

To protect something, you need to know what it is and where it is situated. If you are serious about endpoint security, you need to identify and document your endpoints. Make sure to have some kind of firewall that restricts unauthorized devices to connect to your networks.

Outline which endpoints are most vulnerable and protect your critical business data really well. Endpoints with internet connectivity and capabilities to transmit files need strong endpoint security solutions in UAE.

  • Invest in Automated Endpoint Protection Solutions

While it is good to rely on good-old anti-spam protection solutions in Dubai, you shouldn’t just feel safe with these. You will have to step up from traditional solutions to build an integrated endpoint solution that can function autonomously. These solutions can protect endpoints from malware in real time, collect Windows logs, perform analysis and do a lot more when it comes to protecting endpoints.

  • Be Serious about Endpoint Detection & Response

Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) solutions can actively monitor threats and identify behavior of a compromise at early stages. With the help of EDR, you can be ready in advance for an attack that is currently in progress. You will be better prepared as EDR will gather insights that will help you monitor, analyze and evade future attacks.

Though this is an advanced level solution, requiring high-grade technical proficiency, you can always hire an experienced network security provider in Dubai to discuss this path.

  • Adopt a Top-down Approach by Educating the Employees

Even the best email security providers in Dubai can’t help you if your employees aren’t aware of the threat and click on a suspicious link. In order to ace your endpoint security strategy, you need to take care of insider threats. According to Ponemon Study, the biggest security risk arises due to negligent or careless employees. They are usually not aware of security policies leading to increased endpoint vulnerability.

To make sure you don’t suffer like most businesses, create a security awareness program that educates your employees on how they can recognize risky emails/links/attachments and avoid security incidents.

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