Rugged handheld for Data Collection in Fisheries




The ability to understand the complexity of the interrelated factors affecting habitat health is a critical component to effectively managing our fisheries resources. Collecting data, mapping fisheries and the resources is a priority tasks when planning for fisheries management.

Monitoring and analysing spatially-distributed factors such as resources abundance and composition, feeding and reproduction, nurseries, fishing efforts, harvest, tagging and recaptures, trade flows, recruitment, regulatory zoning, control and surveillance, conflicts between gear and fleets, ecosystem conditions, etc. pose major operational and management challenges to fisheries.


Geospatial Analytics for Fisheries

The key to fisheries success lies in acquiring suitable geographic data — that is, information describing the location and attributes of object, including their shapes and representation. Geographic data is the composite of spatial and attribute data. Data acquisition methods vary from simple surveys, questionnaires and counts through to the access of secondary digital databases via online networking capabilities.

SXtreo is designed to be the critical rugged handheld device for this data collection for both the Inland and marine fisheries. SXtreo is designed rugged to withstand the environment the data collection efforts happen in the fisheries. SXtreo combines the capabilities of GPS location capture, field data collections and real-time transmission of data for immediate analyses and responses.

SXtreo maximizes your return on investment through the years as they are waterproof, shockproof, and operate at extremely hot and cold temperatures. SXtreo rugged handhelds are being successfully used today by the Fisheries department in Tripura.

SXtreo operates and integrates with the applications for your fisheries data collection needs. You have the option to use our SXsurvey to customize and manipulate the data entry forms, extract the data and analyze them.


Inland Waterbody Surveys

SXtreo rugged handheld is useful in the fisheries applications:

  • Stream Surveys – surveying streams for fish population
  • Sample Surveys – Sample survey data collection using electric pulse
  • Fish Culture and Fish Production Surveys – PDA-based monitoring of Government and non-Government funded water bodies
  • Catch and Fish Stock Monitoring – Monitoring the area-wise fish stock
  • GPS and Mapping – Location and maps for inland water bodies
  • Waterbody Mapping – Mapping and monitoring water bodies
  • Research Data Collection – Research on the fishing population and health

SXtreo features a whole range of rugged design with (waterproof, dustproof, shockproof) sunlight readable displays, long battery life, ergonomic design, and an option to have keypad and touchpad data input. Options for GPS, cameras with geotagging capabilities, barcode scanners, and RFID are also available.