Cisco Web-ex meeting Dubai

How Cisco Webex is Changing Business Meeting Dynamics?

Video conferencing has come a long way since its introduction in the enterprise domain. Modern IT collaboration solutions have made business meetings smoother, more efficient and highly-productive. With platforms such as Cisco Webex Meetings, team collaboration has achieved new dynamics.

Cisco Webex Meetings a full-suite cloud meeting and collaboration solution that supports video and content sharing in real time. Users can access the Webex via desktop, mobiles or dedicated video devices in conference rooms.

With improvements in cloud technology, Webex has become more useful for modern business operations. Unlike the previous generation of IT collaboration solutions, the new and improved Cisco Webex gives teams the ability to collaborate in real time during and after the meetings through a single platform. If you are thinking of taking your company to the next level, you should ideally think of integrating Cisco video conferencing system or IT collaboration solutions in Dubai. Here are some advantages Cisco Webex offers for your business meetings that we would like you to know.

  • Cross-platform business meeting and collaboration solution

With Cisco Webex, anyone in your organization can easily join a meeting from anywhere, anytime using a desktop, mobile or a Cisco video device. Using the Webex Meetings, anyone can join the meeting using a big green button on the device interface.

There is no need to remember the meeting schedule or search for meeting links in your inbox. If you walk into the conference room with a Webex video device, the green button pops on your laptop or mobile and in one-click the person is in the meeting. Even for unscheduled meetings, one can enter a conference room and the intelligent proximity technology works automatically to pair up the video device and desktop on its own for collaboration.

  • Third-party integration

WebEx works effectively with any collaboration tool that you are currently using. Be it Slack, Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business or Workplace by Facebook, WebEx connects easily with them to give you real-time updates and allow you to be in the meetings. You no longer need to worry about having to deal with switching of apps or complicated workflows. You can ask a video conferencing or IT solutions provider in Dubai for more information about integration capabilities of Cisco WebEx.

  • Close-to-reality meetings in real-time

Cisco Webex promotes life-like experience and believes seeing people is the first step towards building engagement and trust. Using a simplified interface that gives you the power to use full-screen for HD video meetings, your teams can collaborate, effectively without having to fiddle with several options. The simplified layout, completely customizable screen formats and side by side view allow easier video, file or content sharing in real-time, as if someone miles away is sitting right next to a person.

  • Improved control over meeting experience

With a central control bar consisting of required meeting tools at a single place, all the attendees of the meeting can control their experience. The auto-hide capability gives a person maximum engagement and swift retraction ensures everything you need is right at your fingertips. So, you get better control over everything.

  • Integrated scheduling and calendar management

With a powerful desktop and mobile app connected to the cloud, Cisco Webex makes scheduling and calendar management a piece of cake. A single Meetings tab stores all information related to upcoming meeting and can be integrated into Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook. This saves you from the hassle of manually updating the same and reduces chances of missing the meeting due to human scheduling errors.

  • Great Mobile Meeting Experience

Cisco Webex helps an organization stay active, while on-the-go. With an intuitive mobile device experience that allows users to join meetings, see other participants, view files shared by others, share screen and schedule events. Pinch and zoom technology make it easier to stay engaged even on smaller screens. So, with Webex, your star sales personnel or key person can connect to a meeting, even while he/she is traveling for business, that means better chances of convincing a prospective client and never losing out an opportunity.

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