Era of ELV Security Systems – CCTV, Access Control Systems

ELV is the abbreviation for Extra-low voltage system. Mostly, ELV security systems in Dubai buildings operate on the low voltage that does not exceed 35V AC. ELV security has made it easier to have all the must-have systems in a building without interfering with the primary electrical systems. Many IT solutions Dubai companies provide the best ELV security Systems in Dubai. The IT security systems Dubai includes CCTV systems, gate barrier, access control system, video intercom, alarm systems, conference rooms-audio visual systems, Smart Automation, SMATV & IPTV systems, and structured cabling.



In today’s era, there is not a single person who does not want to be rich. Along with such desires, crimes have rapidly increased. Guards will not be able to keep an eye on every business equipment that is expensive. Therefore, many surveillance cameras in Dubai are installed both inside and outside the buildings. Human ears and eyes are not that capable of keeping an eye on everything like a machine. That is the reason why many organizations, factories and manufacturing units use CCTV security cameras in Dubai. Due to the wireless security camera in Dubai, it becomes easier to record the activities around the workspace, private homes, etc. It is not only about multinational companies, but a security camera in Dubai also helps to maintain students’ activities in several private institutions. Thousands of CCTV cameras in Dubai are increasing rapidly to make it the world’s safest city. In the improvement of customer strategies, CCTV systems in Dubai play a crucial role.

Gate Barrier

Some ELV solutions companies in Dubai have done great work to provide gate barriers with advanced access control systems in Dubai. Gate barriers can offer us a great way to put restrictions on the opportunist thefts. If we talk about the traditional technology, we always need a guard who shuts and opens a gate throughout the day. However, sometimes, he/she can be distracted too, and that distraction creates a loophole for the thieves to gain access inside the property.

Access Control System

Now, it becomes much more comfortable to record the work hours of the employees who are working in a company. Access control systems in Dubai have a great ability to track the date and time of entering or leaving the office. Due to access control systems, we are now able to make some smart and efficient changes by just having a look at the log. Such systems provide multiple levels of security. It can ban the access of an unauthorized person too. It is a cost-efficient way to secure everything and is also capable of integrating with vending machines, printers and any other useful commodity present in the office.

Smart Automation

As IoT has gained significant popularity, we can witness that the demand for home and office automation in Dubai has been increasing. Smart homes and offices are a delight to watch. You can control your Lights, Refrigerators, Air condition system, Television, Music box, Curtains, and much more with a single click using a smart device.

There are many smart automation providers in Dubai.

Video Intercom

AV Solution Providers in Dubai give an efficient way to see who is on the other side of the gate or door without putting ourselves in the position where an intruder may forcefully gain access by harming us physically. It is also convenient to check the door this way. In the busy world, nobody wants to waste their time looking at the gates. This video intercom proves quite handy in this regard.

Alarm Systems

Practically, it becomes hard to protect a property 24/7. Several alarm systems in Dubai help us control unusual activities. When intruders observe that you have an alarm system in your building, they take an interest in targeting any other place rather than trying to gain access to your building.

Conference Rooms-Audio Visual Systems

Smart conference rooms are more engaging than the average conference rooms. Employees tend to feel annoyed while listening to a speaker. Many ELV solutions companies in Dubai promote an active engagement program in which people discuss using interactive whiteboards and multimedia accessories. Also, if someone does not want to lose their precious time, they can attend the conference remotely. It may also happen that some people cannot attend meetings due to personal reasons. In such circumstances, they can see the recordings of the conference to be updated with the past discussions.

SMATV &  IPTV Systems

These are one of the best ELV solutions in Dubai that enable us to distribute pre-recorded TV recording or live recording over a current data network. It enables us to connect with several employees in an organization over a single network. However,  IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) is more efficient than SMATV (Single Master Antenna Television).

Structural Cabling

Structured cabling in Dubai is a comprehensive cabling system for telecommunication infrastructure. We can also say that it is an organized way of cabling infrastructure. Here are some reasons why you need structured cabling solutions in Dubai:

  • Less Maintenance
  • Rapid Transmission
  • A Long Lasting Connection That Is Capable Of Competing With Modern Tech
  • Provides Better Real Data, Embracing The IOT (Internet Of Things)
  • Reduced Downtime Because Of Organized Structuring


There is a challenge in every field. There’s no field where we do not have to face challenges. Security system companies in Dubai suffer the following challenges:

  1. To have the benefit of expandability, we have to deal with regular deformations such as stretching and bending with an appropriate IP plan.
  2. Assuring the usage of proper network switches to achieve the desired bandwidth by controlling the budget
  3. It becomes hard to set up an adequate network separately. Thus, we use virtual LAN techniques to set up a separate system correctly.
  4. To control IPTV multicast, we implement IGMP snooping.