Data Center service Dubai

How Enterprises can Overcome Modern Data Center Challenges

The internet has facilitated businesses to grow globally at a rapid pace. But revolutionary changes in the market have made data centers a necessity for many business organizations. While seeking for a secure facility to store millions of terabytes of data, Data centers manage to steal the show. Dynamic changes in technology trends have changed organizations perception on planning and building a new data center. But numerous challenges are associated with building and managing a new data center solutions Dubai. So, is it possible to plan such efficient and ideal data center storage solutions Dubai?  Yes, it is, but there are some characteristics on the checklist to be affirmative.


Remember that the market needs drive the trends in server technology. A server today isn’t necessarily a physical device. With high-level applications like ERP and databases requiring more than a single processor server system, the server vendors have responded to this need with multiprocessor systems.

We are in the era of Big Data and the Scale-Out Model of Computing. These applications have tested and stressed the capabilities of the largest multiprocessor servers existing today. To overcome this issue, now we have the programming models that enable such applications to use cluster platform of network servers. The technologies inside the racks decide the flexibility, speed and cost to run applications like analytics and Big data.


The rapid data growth in demand for data center’s capacity is another challenge. Every organization in Dubai collects and generates large volumes of data for which a reliable data storage solutions Dubai is needed. While seeking data storage solutions for business, organizations need to understand issues affecting data storage systems Dubai. This evaluation can lead to significant improvements in the data center management activity.

The newest trend in the data center’s storage is the migration towards hybrid cloud platforms. Currently, a majority of the enterprises use network storage. Many enterprises have embarked on using hybrid cloud storage which has changed data centers design. The cloud’s obsession with fiber channel over the ethernet has also emerged as a new storage trend. The trust on the hybrid cloud over the public cloud was inevitable. The storage model of the hybrid cloud has helped enterprises to reintroduce cloud elements on premises. Cloud data storage solutions Dubai will be in demand in upcoming years.

Another trend in storage category is Flash storage. The flash storage has managed to replace hard drives because of their maximum storing capacity and performance. Flash arrays are a reliable storage option for enterprises in comparison to other storage options.


The hyper-converged infrastructure Dubai (HCI) is one of the emerging technologies in data centers aiming to counterattack all the issues related to resources. The hyper-converged infrastructure has simplified data center’s design making businesses agiler. Three advantages of HCI are

a) New cloud services launched at ease

b) A cost optimized and high-performance infrastructure

c) Development of flexible data centers

Hyper-convergence Dubai also helps organizations to modernize application development and deployment. The future aspects of the hyper-converged IT infrastructure Dubai (HCI) are integration with containers services and virtualization. HCI designs make data center operations easier and faster to execute.


By the end of the year 2020, every enterprise will use virtualization technology in their data centers. The aim is of converting physical infrastructure to virtual hosts and guests hosted on a virtual infrastructure. Some primary advantages of virtualization are

a) While the hardware is the costliest asset of an organization, virtualization promises to maintain, consumes less electricity. The estimated downtime with virtualization is also less.

b) One of the prominent features of the virtual machine is the ease of creating a cloud-based environment in no time.

c) Virtual machines are independent of hardware and easy to install it on any server.

Virtualization solutions Dubai will help enterprises to save a lot of money on hardware.


Most of the organizations have a disaster recovery plan, but it hardly aids when a disaster occurs. The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) claims that 93% of companies lose their data every 10th day. The traditional disaster recovery plans merely aided an organization but managed to forge new challenges like

a) Tape and Off Site Storage

b) Meeting RPO / RTO

c) High Costs

d) Maintaining the DR Plan

The current want for a disaster plan of an organization is an insight. New trends in disaster recovery solutions Dubai can make disaster handling more reliable. The new disaster trends provided by disaster recovery providers in Dubai are short RPO/RTO, Cloud, and third-party disaster recovery solution.

The data backup Dubai trends provided by backup providers in Dubai are an Alternate data center, Data replication, and virtualization.