Network Penetration Testing

Penetration test or “ethical hack” evaluates an application’s or network’s ability to withstand attack. During a penetration test, you authorize an expert (or “ethical hacker”) armed with the same techniques as today’s cybercriminals to hack into your network or application. Such an exercise will open your eyes to vulnerabilities you didn’t know existed and the effects of exploitation.

What we offer

Fujisoft security team take a programmatic approach to vulnerability management through managed vulnerability scanning across databases, networks and applications, as well as, in-depth manual penetration testing of networks and applications.

  • Databases
  • Networks
  • Applications


Fujisoft designed four levels of penetration testing to align with four levels of threats to your network. Depending on your budget and the business-value you assign to the assets you intend to test, you will choose one of the following levels of testing for applications or internal or external networks:

  • Anticipating future testing needs
  • Conducting testing in a timely manner
  • PMaking testing an efficient, business-as-usual initiative rather than an obstacle
  • Getting high quality testing across multiple asset types
  • Fulfilling compliance requirements