Security Consulting

In a world in which security has become a fundamental consideration, Fujisoft seeks to provide designs that are customised specifically to individual scenarios, ensuring our clients have detailed knowledge of the relevant strategy, systems and procedures. In order to meet this objective, risks and threats are evaluated, the security systems designed and procedures agreed and implemented. This helps to ensure that any current or future threats faced by our clients are identified and mitigated.

What we offer

The risk assessment will help each agency determine the acceptable level of risk and the resulting security requirements for each system. The agency must then devise, implement and monitor a set of security measures to address the level of identified risk.

  • Governance Risk & Compliance
  • Operational Risk Management
  • Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery
  • Trainings


Our services go far beyond the offerings of the traditional security consulting

  • Strategic management – we help build an effective governance and organizational model, establishing policies and developing a security program (risk analysis and management, process development and monitoring), ensuring compliance with regulatory frameworks and laws.
  • Tactical management – we focus on Business Continuity Management (BCM), data classification and risk identification, vulnerabilities and threat management, delivering personnel security awareness programs and monitoring key performance metrics (KPI).
  • Operational Management – we tackle cyber incidents and respond to breaches, carry out audit and compliance management, network and communication security, system lifecycle security, as well as physical and facilities security.