Vulnerability Assessment

A Vulnerability Assessment is a method of evaluating the security posture of a system through the identification of vulnerabilities that have the potential for negative impact. Vulnerabilities are then documented and given risk ratings based on an industry-standard risk rating system. This service does not involve exploitation of the identified vulnerabilities, as is present with Penetration Testing.

What we offer

Fujisoft security team take a programmatic approach to vulnerability management through managed vulnerability scanning across databases, networks and applications, as well as, in-depth manual penetration testing of networks and applications.

  • Information gathering Gathering via public websites, ARIN, job boards, domain lookup tools, etc
  • Active network scanning Using networking mapping tools and manual processes
  • Enumeration of live devices Searching for vulnerable services and misconfigurations
  • Exploitation of vulnerabilities To determine whether unauthorized access is possible


Our approach to performing a vulnerability assessment exposes weaknesses in systems and identifies paths that are vulnerable to exploitation. Our mature methodology provides actionable recommendations to improve security in your systems. Working closely with our team, you can help you uncover vulnerabilities and identify steps to reduce risk within your business.

  • Breach simulation, operating outside of traditional testing methodologies to simulate an attacker to uncover points of weakness
  • Risk validation, where our experts attempt to breach the information security controls of your organization during a penetration test
  • Security controls assessment to examine and assess various controls, technologies and procedures and identify points of failure
  • Vulnerability discovery and threat modeling to identify, quantify and rank vulnerabilities in your systems