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  • Positioning

  • IoT Cloud
T63 - Jido


GPS Container E Lock

T63 E-Lock is an intelligent GPS lock device for asset management system which supports online (remote) and offline keyboard unlocking.

Key features:

  • Global roaming (optional) Seamless global coverage makes the device always stay connected.
  • Environment detection (optional) Add on environmental sensor can help acquire temperature, humidity and pressure data.
  • Magnetic mount Strong magnetic cover allows for flexible mounting on vehicles or assets.
  • Automatic mode switching With gyroscope & G-sensor, the device can change to land, sea & static mode automatically.
  • Container door close/open alert Get instant alert when your container’s door is opened unexpectedly.
  • Highest level Security to protect your cargo

All Weatherproof Rugged Device
Fast and Easy Installation
Improve Supply Chain Efficiency
Built-in Sensors
Built-in Large Memory
Cargo Safety
Seamless Connectivity
Know Your Container From Anywhere



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JIDO, an unique proposition to the information needs of the industrial transportation sector combines the power of different sensors, positioning and cloud network of 9Trax to deliver mission critical information on the quality of moving assets as well as the vehicle.