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Control Multiple Computers from Any Distance

From small desktop KVM switches to enterprise KVM-over-IP solutions, KVM provides users with remote access to a variety of devices — like computers, digital signage players, virtual servers and more. Keyboard, video and mouse (KVM) technology streamlines operator workflows and makes control of processes and visual elements easier, more secure and faster.

KVM switching and KVM extension provide effective access to critical IT assets in control rooms and production environments throughout multiple industries such as broadcasting, post-production, air traffic control, industrial manufacturing and other collaborative environments. Black Box offers the broadest range of reliable KVM solutions. Whether you need desktop KVM to access and control multiple computers from a single console with one keyboard and mouse, or distribution of high-quality video, audio and peripheral signals through hybrid physical and virtualized server infrastructures with mixed interfaces and resolutions, Black Box has you covered.

Control Multiple Computers from Any Distance

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