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Looking to Revamp Your IT Operations? Watch Out for These IT Management Trends in 2019

IT is one of the most critical aspects for the success of modern business. You can’t deny that in the connected age. While you may feel your IT team is doing enough, the sheer nature of the industry makes it susceptible to dynamic ecosystems. With more and more focus on digital transformation, IT teams need to be readier for transition than any other department.

Your IT team is crucial to weigh in the technical aspects of any software, server, system or anything concerned with digitalizing your business. While they might be perfectly capable right now, there is no harm in being ready for a more connected future. Here we are with some of the disruptive trends in IT management that would help you become more agile in 2019.

AI is the Uncrowned King in IT & Tech Industry

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now more than just a buzzword. It is penetrating deeper across industry domains and now impacting how things are done. With more focus on user engagement for success, companies are looking forward to harnessing the AI power for fulfilling the objectives.

When it comes to IT management, Gartner has already predicted that more and more tech professionals will have to be AI-proficient for designing modern organizational workflows, design interfaces and provide solutions. AI will be used heavily for predictive analytics and failure recognition for IT at a faster pace, more accurately, as infrastructure becomes more complex and teams expand in the future.

Cloud Migration with Continue to Acquire the Centerstage

Cloud computing has made organizations leaner, efficient and more productive. The capability to access data remotely without a compromise in security has empowered startups and established conglomerates alike.

As cloud migration is cost-effective because of the reduced need for hardware and professionals, the cloud migration trend will continue in 2019, just like the previous years.

According to IT solutions providers in Dubai, more companies will adopt cloud-based technologies than before in 2019 to support data security, communications and other functions. Industry experts already are agreeing, and we believe you should, too.

Cybersecurity will be more crucial than before

As cloud computing will pick up pace, new forms of cyber attacks will also emerge. This will give rise to the need for full-proof cybersecurity systems in the future. IT teams will have to be more agile in confusing intruders and predicting such events in the coming years.

Just blocking tools like firewalls will not work. With careful use of AI, big data, analytics and automation, cyberattack prediction will become easier and more accurate.

The Widening Gap between Demand-supply of worthy talent

As technologies evolve, IT professionals will have to keep themselves abreast with the latest development at a swifter pace. Your company would need a highly-specialized and skilled workforce for dealing with newer forms of cybersecurity threats which is hard citing the widening talent gap in the IT industry.

Just like 2018, it seems that this year too, companies will have to deal with this scary trend. Well, to fight the threats, you can always consult an expert in IT management solutions in Dubai.

IT Budgets will Break the Glass Ceiling

The importance of technology in business operations will continue to grow. In such an environment, you should anticipate the rising cost of managing IT needs. Efficient solutions like cloud computing will surely be a relief.

Moreover, companies have understood the need for allocating higher budgets for IT and in 2019, we can see the budgets breaking all previous records.

The entry of serverless computing

10% IT organizations have already started using serverless computing solutions. As more professionals and solution providers learn to leverage the concept, serverless computing will enter the mainstream.

Serverless computing is a software architecture approach that eliminates the need for infrastructure management and provisioning. Potential use cases are increasing day by day and in 2019, we can see a lot of developments in the arena.

The Focus will be on Being More Network Agile

As dependency on IT networks increases with the infusion of technologies like cloud, IoT & edge, network teams will have to make networks more agile. Availability and uptime are transforming to an added luxury to bare necessity.

Automation & AI will help design networks of the future. Network operations will be seen becoming faster and more reliable. As 5G networks roll out, network teams will be seen working closely with businesses for creating more mature cloud networks.

Traditional Data Centers Will Perish

By 2025, 80% of traditional corporate data centers will shut down. Not only because of the rise of cloud, but because of purely practical & business-centric reasons like increased regulations in the light of GDPR, the location of remote teams, etc. We will see agile IT infrastructure that can blend in on-premises solutions as well as cloud networks.

The rise of edge computing

Edge computing implies placing workload near customers for fulfilling business objectives, reduce latency and improve digital experiences.  As more and more businesses focus on improving the user experience and engaging their customers through digital mediums, edge computing approach will pick up pace.

Whatever you learnt in this blog is just the tip of a magnanimous iceberg. At Fujisoft, we closely identify latest trends in the field of IT infrastructure management to bring you the best solutions. If you need to harness the true potential of your IT infrastructure, contact our expert technical team, today.