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5 Networking Trends that Will Transform Networking Solutions in 2020

The networking industry is transforming at a fast pace owing to multi-dimensional technological advancements. The new technological trends are changing the way how employees stay connected and how organizations operate. Technology has always been an efficiency facilitator and has improved networking solutions phenomenally in the recent years.

Here are five networking trends that have the potential to transform the networking industry in the next few years:

  • Wi-Fi 6

WiFi 6 is the latest development in the field of wireless connectivity that is expected to change the face of networking solutions in the coming years. Also known as 802.11ax, it is the latest WiFi protocol the with highest speed. WiFi 6 will work on 6GHz bands under a new spectrum from late 2019 to early 2020s.

WiFi 6 increases the device density that can independently coexist in a single space without impacting the speed on a single device. Also, the new protocol will support deterministic packet scheduling which increases the performance of a networking solution.

  • 5G

5G or 5th generation high-speed networking technology is a boon for remote workforces who are looking for blazing fast internet speeds. Slated for launch in the coming few months, 5G will improve the efficiency of network security solutions and revolutionize the operations of IT companies in Dubai and elsewhere.

On an enterprise level, 5G will serve as a more convenient networking solution than WAN connections to connect different offices. 5G is being said to be competitive in terms of performance, speed and latency with wired connections currently.

Though large-scale rollout is expected to be in the next 2-3 years, we can see commercial operations in the coming months. 5G comes with a unique time-slicing technology that would enable IoT sensors to run on battery for years without replacement. 5G is also being said to transform local area corporate networks by allowing businesses to set up private 5G data networks powered by Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS)

  • Digitized Spaces

Digitized spaces are the new real-life use case of next-gen networking solutions. Modern networking technologies combined with high-res geolocation tech are enabling businesses to understand how people and goods move through physical spaces. Combined with IoT, sensors and mobile networks, digitized spaces are making companies data-smart and derive deep customer and business insights.

With the help of connected digital spaces, businesses can understand customer preferences. Particularly for retail and logistics, this means that they can work on improving their business model and aligning their service portfolio as per customer expectations. Even for the hospitality and health care industry this means higher customer satisfaction and better results.

For the networking service providers and IT solutions providers in Dubai, digitized spaces will create an opportunity to identify weaker receptions of wireless networks. This will allow an improvement in services, which will strengthen the networking solutions ecosystem for enterprise uses.

  • SD-WAN

SD-WAN is the latest innovation in networking solutions and architecture that promises development of large-scale enterprise networks. SD-WAN networks are agiler, more robust and enable organizations to route a huge amount of network traffic based on centralized roles and rules. Irrespective of the entry and exit points of the network, SD-WAN promotes high-end data security.

Instead of the conventional network solutions architecture with centralized routing and security, SD-WAN technology is in line with modern enterprise apps on the cloud where thousands of users connect with company’s servers via public networks.

SD-WAN network traffic is growing with each passing day and more enterprises are planning to transition to this modern networking solution in the coming years.

  • Machine Learning

Machine learning is improving networking management endeavors at small and large-scale organizations. Network management in modern times requires valuable insights on how things work inside a network. For keeping networks up and running round the clock, patterns are required to be identified.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence allow network managers to create next-generation networking solutions to achieve high-end security and optimize network performance. Machine learning will equip organizations and IT companies in Dubai to understand network anomalies and prioritize where resources are to be utilized for minimizing downtime.

Machine learning can add instincts to network management and network security solutions in the future. The simplest use case of machine learning-driven network management involves reporting activity patterns and raise smart alerts to make IT managers proactive. In the future, new use cases and applications will be discovered and implemented to achieve higher efficiencies in the field of networking solutions.

Wrapping up

Networking solutions are set to be revolutionized with innovative trends and technologies soon. By taking advantage of the advancements in technology, IT solution providers in Dubai are improving network security across organizations in Dubai. At Fujisoft, we believe in harnessing the latest in the field of networking solutions for the benefit of modern businesses.

As partners with leading networking and technology companies like Cisco, HP and Stealth Watch, we are one of the pioneering IT companies in Dubai that can enhance your existing networks with innovative technologies.