Private, Public & Hybrid Cloud Solutions In Dubai: Which Is Your Best Bet?

Before you choose any cloud solutions provider in Dubai, assess the different services they are offering, including the cloud solutions and services in Dubai apt for your business model. You need to ascertain which of them is consistent with your organizational goals. Today, you have three major cloud solutions Dubai. These include private, public, and hybrid cloud. Therefore, let us read about the advantages, trends, new technologies, and challenges related to the cloud service providers in UAE in this post.

Private Cloud

It is akin to an on-premise system including all the advantages of a cloud-based model. Private cloud solutions Dubai are installed on-premise depending on the infrastructure of your business. Moreover, you also own the same. However, it is known for fast expansion and ramping down of the system’s potential as well as the setting up of virtual machines for maximum exploitation of your organization’s accessible resources. If you are looking for a universal private cloud carrier enabler, do not look further than VMware. So, if you want to store all your data in a private or dedicated platform, choose private cloud services in Dubai.

Public cloud

If you are looking for an easy to go and a basic cloud security solutions Duba, then a public cloud is what you need.  When it comes to a public cloud service provider in Dubai, it offers you with many resources, including Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), or Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). How does it work? Well, it operates on a pay-as-you-go model. It means the customers will pay for the service when they use the same. The typical examples of public cloud solutions in Dubai or anywhere in the world are Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure.

Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid cloud solutions Dubai will let you make the most out of the public-private systems. Many of the businesses across the globe come with an IT infrastructure or landscape, which can be too complex and challenging to embrace a complete public or private cloud model. Besides, you will find budget constraints to switch to a private cloud system. Additionally, data safety and security issues may prevent you from adopting a complete public model. This is where hybrid cloud hosting solutions in Dubai allow the adoption of the private and public cloud to meet the requirements of both the platforms. Therefore, a hybrid-cloud security solution in Dubai is your best bet.

A hybrid cloud service in Dubai is used with the help of a system integrator that can aid in the integration of cloud systems from private and public cloud service providers in Dubai. Microsoft Azure is now the buzzword in this respect.

Market Performance

Based on the findings of Rightscale’s fifth annual cloud survey 2016, 95 percent of all poll participants are using cloud computing in one of these models.

The number of users embracing the private model has increased the total ratio of participants leveraging a hybrid model to a whopping 71 percent in contrast to 58 percent back in 2015.

Which One is Right for You?

The concept of one-size fits all will not work in cloud computing. Assess your organization’s requirements internally to make an informed decision. Evaluate your existing applications, the ones that will migrate to cloud, efficiency, performance, regulatory guidelines, and information security limitations. Once you analyze all these parameters, migrating to private cloud services, public cloud services, or hybrid cloud computing in Dubai becomes simpler.

Examples of Typical Enterprises Using Different Cloud Models

Private Cloud: It is perfect for organizations in which business and customer data and applications play a pivotal role in its operation. Enterprises bound by limitations, rules, and regulations should adopt private cloud services Dubai. If you consider AWS, it is non-compliant with HIPPA regulations. It means you cannot use the model if own a nuclear or healthcare facility.

Public Cloud: If your business can ramp up fast and has a limited pool of resource with variable capacity, invest in public cloud solutions in Dubai. It is Ideal for SaaS applications such as e-mail or a business environment where applications and information are not vulnerable to security theft or breaches.

Hybrid Cloud: Hybrid cloud services in Dubai are ideal for businesses that have mission-critical applications and data their premises. The model is perfect for those enterprises that are new to cloud. It will help these businesses to run their applications on cloud, compare the efficiency, and then choose a cloud model.