IT cloud Security Dubai

Reasons Why Cloud Security Is Critical To Your Organization?

When we talk about one of the game-changing innovation, Cloud certainly breaks the stereotypes. The local hardware, cost-efficient and easy to access service enables users to access the same virtually from anywhere. The merits associated with a Cloud network are tremendous. Do you know public cloud computing is growing at a whopping rate and is expected to reach a $246.8 billion USD mark? Well, the figure is enough to back the popularity as well as the growth of the cloud.

Talking about the cloud IT services Dubai, since the network cuts the cost to a substantial level and make operations more agile and efficient, one should always ensure data privacy and security. It is evident that an array of enterprises and organizations do worry about how they might manage the data in the cloud? One can always opt for cloud security solutions UAE for a better security edge.

What Really Are The Major Benefits Of Cloud Storage Security?

Before strolling directly over to the benefits, let’s talk about who’s in charge of the data? When you decide to take your business on the cloud, you’re simply allowing a cloud service provider to keep a reality check on the security of your customer’s data. Well, it might sound like a traditional shift where data is managed by the company’s local IT department. Since a breach can happen anytime and a disruption might occur, when you shift to a cloud backup Dubai, you provide absolute and additional layers to the security of your data. Better control of data, safe engagement and efficient security management is what, you get out of the box.

Encryption Of Crucial Data:

One should know that there are cloud security services providers in Dubai which can help you store data on the cloud either while sending in the encrypted form or protecting it after you upload. Cloud data services Dubai has a tremendous range of cloud storage security option. You can either get your hands on Multi-Factor Authentication or you can either go with Single Sign-On service and various others. Thus if cloud server solutions Dubai are implemented in a correct way, the data which is crucial in nature can only be accessed by the individuals permitted. Even if somebody loses their device, privacy stays intact.

Protection Against Potential Cyber Attacks:

Do you know if you’re a small business, you’re more prone to cyber attacks? If your business is hacked, it would be a havoc for your business goals. Hence, when you store data on the cloud, you can get your hands on the added protection against the hackers. Also, if you get in touch with dedicated backup providers in Dubai, you can even prevent potential data loss. Now, not just SMB’s small-medium business are prone to hacks, big firms like Adidas, Sony and more have been subjected to data leaks recently.

Over a majority of big firms have experienced some kind of hack in their lifetime. But, when you consider associating with a cloud technology providers UAE, you are not only preventing the data loss or hacks, you’re even saving your company’s reputation and hence, the trust of the customers. With cloud storage, your cloud service provider is covering all the loop-holes and you’re not required to worry about the viability of the user’s data.

Keeping A Check On Internal Security Risks:

Apart from the outside hackers which are obviously always attempting to steal the valuable customer data, companies often suffer from inside data leaks. Since almost every employee of your company has around the clock access to the data, chances are very high that a leak might happen. One can observe dozen such cases every month. Now, with dedicated cloud computing technology providers UAE, one can provide sorted privileges to the employees.

Grant access to the individual you really want and refrain others. Thus, the cloud provides internal security boost amidst any organization as well. Aspects such as data encryption, a better data management, privileges, compliances, validations and even recovery of data can be catered by Cloud solutions Dubai in a splendid way. Cloud security service generally involves an array of security measures which can help the provider secure the data of any company. Provider certain set of roles as well as rights to employees and boost the security factor.


Securing the crucial information should be a company’s utmost importance. It doesn’t matter if the information or data is public, sensitive or even restricted. One should develop a data security strategy with cloud computing solutions Dubai for the purpose of ensuring around the clock data protection and efficient use of cloud applications. It is always advisable to keep a robust data backup strategy handy. Data is usually stored safely but a hardware crash or something unexpected might happen as well. Always know where your data is being stored.