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Sales Force Automation


SXtreo SFA (Sales Force Automation) Suite

If you have distributors, dealers, sub-distributors, and your sales or distribution team goes to the field daily with a product, service, or an AMC, you need SXtreo SFA (Sales Force Automation) suite.

Handheld SXtreo SFA automates field sales activities and seamlessly integrates into your enterprise financial and distribution systems. Transaction reporting for orders, payments, deliveries, AMCs, and stock movements are posted direct to the back office via SXtreo your field force is carrying. You have a real time or daily geospatial view of the beat your sales team is covering, optimize the beat, get analytical reports on sales, deliveries, stocks, and replenishments on your fingertips, which you can integrate into your ERP systems for improvement in the production schedules.

The enterprise SFA solution provides you in-depth analytics on your sales and distribution network, and SXtreo rugged handheld provides your large field force with the convenience of entering real-time data including the GPS location details.

Moreover, you can communicate changes in prices, stocks, SKUs, product details directly into the SXtreo rugged handheld, so that the field force remain up-to-date while on the field. The more time your sales staff spends out in the field, the better it is for business.

Enable your field force to input orders more accurately while reducing order processing times from weeks to minutes. The results include better customer service, more on-site merchandising, and higher customer retention and loyalty – all leading to more repeat business.


Handheld SXtreo Sales Force Management Suite

Handheld SXtreo Sales Force Management suite is an invaluable addition to your productivity and bottomline, in addition, it helps you in monitoring the field force. SXtreo SFA is extremely useful for FMCG companies, Pharmaceutical companies, Industrial goods manufacturers, Telecom companies, Utility companies, and Energy distribution companies.

SXtreo is designed and manufactured in India providing you the convenience of customization according to your requirements. At the same time, you get a big savings to your expenditure budget if you choose SXtreo, and you can plan to use SXtreo for your whole field force.

SXtreo is designed to withstand the sudden fall from hands, dust, heat, moisture, and other inclement weather conditions, and continue to work with stability where the consumer grade smartphones or tablet computers fail typically within the first year of use in the field.