IoT based Solid Waste Management


Smart Bins


  • Measure and report the waste collected in real-time.
  • Monitor the emptying and refilling of the Bins.
  • Sends alerts of Bins filled up and not cleared.
  • Made-in-India low-cost, industrial, rugged Bin Sensors.
  • Connected through low-cost NB- IoT.

Sxtreo’s Smart Solid Waste Management is a state-of-the art IoT based method for Management of Solid waste. It provides connectivity to the waste bins in real-time, acquires and reports all the important data which helps to eliminate costly manoeuvres of collecting waste from bins without knowing whether they are filled or empty.

The Smart Solid Waste Management Solution allows City Administrators to save cost and improve citizen living conditions.

Uses NB-IoT technology – a reliable, real time, long range communication.