Core Modules

Student Management

This module contains Personal, Family, Address and other information of the students with their Extra-Curricular Activities such as Sports, Dance, etc. It provides options for Changing Student Class, Maintaining Alumni Students and Promote Students from one class to another class at the end of every academic year. Also various kinds of certificates such as Transfer Certificate, Attendance Certificate, Conduct Certificate and Bonafide Certificate can be provided.

Staff Management

This module contains Personal, Family, Address and other information such as Qualifications, Experience and service records of the staffs. Also various kinds of certificates such as Experience Certificate, Attendance Certificate can be provided.

Student Attendance

This module contains the information of the student`s presence and absence for each and every hour of classes. It also offers reports on attendance percentage basing on subjects and other reports like lack of attendance, daily, monthly and overall reports, etc.

Staff Attendance

This module is to keep track of the staff’s check in & check out time to school. It can be integrated with swiping system. The staff are categorized basing on their designation and defined working hours. It helps in tracking and time calculation of staff presence in the campus from the time log and mark present or absent for the working days.

Fee Management

This module helps the user to define the fee structure for each and every class, and various class groups to collect the fees. The Fee Structure can also be defined for regular, optional and additional fees for various report purpose as per the accounting norms of the school. Reports such as Daily collection statement, Term Register, Classwise fee collected and Due, Ledger Abstract etc. can be generated easily.


This module helps the user to conduct various exams during the academic year and to define the main and additional subjects, Grade and Rank. It provides options to generate dummy number for evaluation purpose and to maintain the records of malpractice. It allows taking necessary reports such as Student Progress report, Exam results, Classwise performance, individual staff performance, subject wise performance and etc.


This module is used to record the assessment details of a student throughout the year, not just at the end of a term. It enables you to assign activity for a class and students. Through this module, you have provision to maintain subject mark, physical education mark, co-scholastic student wise mark and co-scholastic class wise mark for each student. This module will help schools to generate standard and statistical CCE card Report dynamically for every student.


This module helps the user to create a time table automatically with various patterns in a school. It manages combined classes, continuous classes, reserved classes etc. and supports to substitute or replace the staff any time according to the need. Online monitoring System helps to track the presence of the student and staff during the class hours.


The transport module helps the user to manage the student’s records those are availed to utilize the bus facility of the school. It maintains the information of the vehicles and its fuel consumption, routes and stages of the trip.


It is a complete suite consists of Library administration, Resource acquisition, Document catalogue, Members, Circulation and Online Public Access Catalogue. You can save hours of manual work and time spent on information discovery and error mitigation. This module provides better accessibility by the student, staff and others.

Front Office

It is the information desk for the School reception or Office to provide details to visitors on various activities of student / staff. The information can be retrieved for any staff / student within few clicks.

Book & Stationary

This module helps the school to maintain the stock items in the store and sell items like Books, Stationary, Uniform, etc… It helps the schools to manage Items, Contacts, Acquisitions Register, Distributions Register, Stock Register and to print various standard and customizable reports.