Health Care

Attune is designed to help diagnostic labs and healthcare institutions significantly increase revenue and offer enhanced patient care. It has pioneered Cloud based products designed to help the entire healthcare ecosystem. It provides seamless integration of healthcare ecosystem – Labs, Hospitals, Pharmacies, Blood Banks, Medical Devices (IoT), Insurance Companies, Patient Treatment Plan and Accounting. Access your records anywhere and anytime.

Attune HealthKernel

Attune HealthKernel is a complete state of the art, secure & web-based solution for hospitals that integrates all its departments & branches even when they are geographically distributed.

  • Attune Health Kernel validates payments on multiple modes (cheque, credit card, etc.)
  • Validates User Cash settlement with excess and deficit, Tracks cash & cheque deposit(to bank)
  • Supports corporate & insurance invoicing (handles co-pay, co-insurance, enhancement billing, discounts, tax). No need for manual invoicing or separate track ledgers or applications to track outstanding receivables
  • Support Credits control policy and workflows for defaulters (clients)
  • Handles incorrect bills, Client rate adjustments, Bill changes, Refunds effectively through controlled workflows
  • Monitors inflow & outflow of products and payments with integrated Inventory & Purchase System.
  • Supports tight integration with third-party Accounting or SAP Applications for extended finance controls

Attune LabKernel

Attune LabKernel is an advanced and contemporary software that combines all its collection centers, branches and partner network into a single platform to facilitate easy functioning.

  • Attune LIS is cloud based, with multi-tenant architecture, can manage Multiple sites.
  • Attune Lab Kernel helps setup LIS system for a new collection or processing centre within hours.
  • Configurable work flow helps optimize solution for different types of practices
  • No Limit on centres, NO CAP on users.
  • No added infrastructure – a Pc & internet connection will get you started.
  • Connect with Patients, Referring Doctors, Franchisee & Partners.
  • Multi Languages supported, geography no barrier.

Attune ClinicKernel

Attune ClinicKernel is a path-breaking innovation for various clinics worldwide which integrates all the departments and branches irrespective of their geographical distance and distribution.

  • Unique Medical Record for every patient
  • On-line Clinic Scheduling & Appointment System
  • User-friendly Registration, Billing & Revenue Realization System
  • Anytime, Anywhere, Secured Access to Patient Clinic Data
  • Quick Replication of Clinic Operations at Faster Scale
  • Integratable Modules of Lab, Pharmacy, Radiology
  • Close-knit Stock Inflow & Outflow across all Units
  • Complete Management of Hospitals