Structured Cabling Dubai

Structured Cabling Solutions – Facilitate an easy and smooth transfer of services and data.

Structured cabling is widely renowned in the telecommunication landscape to facilitate an easy and smooth transfer of services and data.  A well-structured cabling system ensures predictable performance of all connected components or devices, as well as facilitates easy mobility of components, provides room for future installations or removal of devices, maximizes system availability and future proofs the usability of the cabling system.

Structured cabling is widely used across the world by major industries and organizations.  In 2016, the market value for structured cabling was estimated to be $7.7 billion and is expected to have a CAGR of 7.6% over a forecast period of 2017-2025.

Advantages Of Structured Cabling

The 5 basic advantages of structured cabling for an organization are:

  • Simplicity: In an organization, different devices are used simultaneously.  Connecting all computers, phones, and other devices through a structured cabling solution in Dubai reduces the complexity of interconnections through different cables.

This provides IT technicians with the ability to identify problems easily and give quick corrective measures in an event of malfunctioning of certain devices.

  • Future Proof Usability: Structured cable networking gives an organization increased bandwidth that is highly reliable and in turn improves the productivity of the business activities.

It provides adaptive IT solutions Dubai to the IT department to adapt effortlessly to newer technological advancements that occur from time to time in today’s competitive business environment. This helps the organization to remain updated all the time to emerging applications so as to not hamper growth.

  • Enhances Flexibility: The high quality structured cabling solutions in Dubai provides firms with the flexibility to adapt and grow in leaps and bounds. The system affords easy movement of devices from one area to the other and delivers ready solutions for the integration of new inventory by reducing installation time. It also allows the easy dismantling of the system and moving it to a newer office location pretty quickly.
  • Reduces downtime risks: With multiple and complex cabling solutions, the occurrence of a human error is higher.  A well-planned and executed cabling network can minimize this to a large extent.  Also, it drastically reduces the time to identify and rectify problems that can be encountered in daily operations.
  • Cost-effective: With its adaptable and simple architecture, structured cabling solutions in Dubai proves to be a highly cost-effective yet highly productive investment for your organization.

The structured cabling network will facilitate continuous transfer or data and service that is basic for any business growth and success.  It also reduces maintenance and electricity cost to further be of advantage to the firm.

New Technologies & Trends

With the ever-growing innovations in electronic devices and peripherals used by organizations, structured cabling solutions provide readiness to adapt to these changes.  Cat5e, Cat6 and Cat7 installations provide total computer networking designs that come with 25-year manufacturer-backed warranties.

Fiber optics is another trending solution to cable networking that has become an integral part of LAN systems provide greater bandwidth than ever before.  A single fiber optic cable will do the same amount of data transfer that many copper cables put together will achieve at the same speed.  Structured cabling Dubai can benefit a lot from fiber optics as it will assist greatly in switching devices and longevity of connectivity by choosing the right fiber optic cable for the right project.

Structured cabling solutions in Dubai can also support wireless solutions that are becoming popular in today business activities like conferences, inter-location connectivity, etc.

To Conclude

Robust data and voice communication network is the backbone of any organization and the necessity to interconnect different communication media drives the next level if business growth.  The need to provide higher bandwidth to improve communication and speedy data transfer can be only achieved by structured cabling solutions in Dubai