GPS Surveys and GIS Surveys




Rugged GAGAN enabled GPS PDA for precision survey

GPS Surveys and GIS Surveys are need of the time. It is important for our customers that the surveyors do not have to carry multiple devices with them to the field. SXtreo combines the ease of GPS data collection with the rugged handheld for stability and efficiency. With the single handheld our customers collect the field data including the GPS positions tagged with the data itself in the rugged PDA.

SXtreo customers rely on our rugged handhelds to be the ideal tools for mapping, surveying, and GIS data collection applications due to its rugged construction, ergonomic design, long-term battery life, sunlight readable displays, and expandable/customizable solutions. Optimized for SXsurvey survey management application, the SXtreo fully supports a surveyor’s everyday workflows.

Surveyors and Survey companies require mobile rugged solutions that can readily withstand and perform in the toughest of conditions they encounter in the field. With the introduction of the SXtreo GPS enabled rugged PDA, we are providing a rugged handheld device designed to run survey workflows while also delivering the capabilities and convenience of a tablet computer. Consumer grade tablet computers typically fail in 90 to 180 days while used in the outdoor field environment for data collection surveys. Rugged design of SXtreo is thus ideal for the surveys going, without loss of data and the equipment.


Monitoring of the Survey Operation

Monitoring of the survey by the supervisors becomes an easy task with the geospatial intelligence gathered by the SXtreo intelligent PDA during the survey data collection exercises. The supervisors have the whole map of the survey with the real time information on the area covered. SXtreo’s slim, ergonomic design is easy to hold while its screen provides superior sunlight readability enabling all-day use by survey professionals. Designed to withstand even the toughest conditions, productivity increases with a large capacitive touch, full keyboard for easy and fast data entry without sacrificing durability.