Top 10 Information Technology Trends in 2018

It is 2018, and everyone is waiting to know top IT trends. Information Technology is the fastest growing sector of the market, and with the evolution of new technologies to help businesses operate efficiently and effectively.  Here is the list of top 10 IT trends in 2018 that will help your future proof your business needs.

1) Big Data

Big Data has been teasing its number 1 entry for recent years. Big Data has been associated with data management technologies in 2017 but has established a new associate in the form of digital marketing. Multinational companies and digital marketing enterprises will require this technology to analyze and process piles of data. The data analytics sector will help businesses to analyze data and engage more customers. Big Data will keep associating itself with upcoming technologies.

2) Cloud Computing

Business organization stores terabytes of data every day, which must be arranged, sorted and restored. A conventional computer cannot store large volumes of data which increases pressure to move towards Cloud. The Cloud will increase the productivity of an organization by saving time and money. Cloud is cheap, reliable for secure backup, and eases resource management. Cloud and its automation will collaborate with new upcoming technologies bringing profits to the organization.

3) The Internet of Things

The internet of things has turned the dream of smart homes, devices, cars, and workplaces into a reality. It can forge compelling solutions for real-time problems by focusing on hardware-centric software, and firmware. IOT will merge with edge computing and enable a better range of IOT applications. Edge computing will improve IOT based application ability to detect obstacles, face identification, and security.

4) Enterprise Software

Enterprises have always looked upon the software, which can aid them in saving resources and time. Enterprise software will evolve Business Intelligence to type SQL queries using voice recognition. Microsoft’s Power BI Software provides a facility to ask questions in both voiced and typed format. It will encourage advanced ERP systems and marketing automation to reshape many IT processes which will be easing employees’ work and improving the consumer experience.

5) Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence along with machine learning will be an unstoppable force in 2018. AI and its advanced algorithms will be assisting other technologies to build sophisticated software. Commoditized Artificial Intelligence will work in natural language processing, computer vision, and recommender systems. Conversational Artificial Intelligence will come across areas like supply chain, sales, manufacturing, and insurance. Amazon Alexa is the best example of Artificial Intelligence application.

6) Blockchain

The desire to buy Cryptocurrency is plaguing the world and market of digital currency is growing. Block chain technology associated with Cryptocurrency has turned out to be a massive surprise to many people. The technology is encouraging online, distributed digital ecosystem which will change the financial sector drastically. It is utilized for the exchange of Cryptocurrency, but it will grow in the future, intending to improve as per customer convenience.

7) Cyber Security

The demand for Cyber Security has increased because of online scams and frauds. The year 2017 was prone to Cyber Attacks, and lack of Cyber Security has tensed entire world. The consequences have brought attention to the importance of the secure network, privacy, and security which can be provided by Cyber Security experts.

The attackers will be aiming at popular platforms and technologies which have security vulnerabilities. If this technology is implemented to its full potential, then we can see improvements in Networks, Block Chain IOT, 3D technologies, and the Cloud.

8) Virtual Assistance

Virtual Assistance technology will be a deciding vote for brand engagement. Amazon’s Alexa and Echo have proved to be current market leaders in the world of virtual assistance. Advancements can be made to the existing technology by merging with voice assistant technology companies and media providers. Chatbots are one of the technology advancements brands can use for providing quick responses and 24/7 availability to the customers.

9) Augmented Reality

AR is a technology which places a computer-generated image in front of a user creating a composite view of reality. Unlike virtual reality, it uses existing environment and imposes new information on top of it. Snapchat’s funny face filters and iPhone X Emojis are the best way to describe AR. Apple’s AR Kit will ease the work of many developers to include this technology in phones, software, etc. Brands like Amazon have started to work with AR

10) 3-D printing

3-D printing will change the perspective of many industries of manufacturing a product. HP has created 3-D printers which are portable and simple to use. 3-D printing can change the world by creating touchable pictures, human body parts, lightweight, and long-lasting cast for broken bones, and safer, stronger vehicles.  It will also enhance design and innovation in a variety of sectors. 3-D printing will disrupt the market by saving time and money. The technology is expensive currently, but when the price will fall, it will be accessible.