Rugged Ticketing Device




Electronic Ticket Issuing Machine

The transportation and logistics industry doesn’t stop even if the weather is inclement. Neither does SXtreo. SXtreo is built rugged to remain at your service even when the environment is harsh.

People, products, raw materials, whatever is being transported, SXtreo rugged PDA can provide valuable tracking and data capture, under virtually any harsh condition. SXtreo continues to perform even under temperature extremes and resist vibration and impact. SXtreo IP65 rated to help keep out rain, snow, mud and dust.


ETM Device

Life on the Railways is always full of vibrations, harsh weather conditions, and SXtreo is built ruggedized to live up to these conditions without failures and outages. Moving freight and high speed passenger trains requires instant and precision locational tracking, with a constant stream of data for immediate decision making. A sunlight readable screen, touch and easy keypad inputs provide fast data stream to and fro between the decision makers and the SXtreo.