Webex for Hybrid and Distance Learning

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Drive Faster Adoption and Transition of Virtual Learning

Build Confidence in Remote Teaching and Learning

Discover how to enhance learning experience for students and empower teachers to better engage in new ways of teaching that result in effective outcomes.

Our experts can help educators transition to hybrid learning quickly and confidently, with right adoption and engagement practices. They will enable them to use advanced methods and practices for effective and secure distance learning outcomes.

Experience advanced Webex Demo from our experts to:
  • Try Simple, Video-first trainings and classroom sessions
  • Understand how to use conferencing devices and solutions seamlessly
  • Make learning simple, secure and engaging  all within one experience
  • Promote interaction and increase participation through group learning, remote labs, polling, Q&A, feedback, including attention indicators and  detailed reporting
  • Manage highly engaging sessions by messaging, sharing content and whiteboarding from any device